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Weight Loss Services

All these services are rendered to enable patients enjoy a healthy life style where they feel no hesitationin displaying their beautiful smile

Patient receiving semaglutide treatment under the care of Denton Family Practice Clinic

An antidiabetic medication which is used for long term weight manages which is also a GLP-1 receptor agonist that mimics the action of the human incretin which increases insulin secretion and increases blood sugar disposal.

  • check-mark-1Lowers blood sugar
  • check-mark-1Lowers the amount of glucagon released
  • check-mark-1Delays gastric emptying
  • check-mark-1Improves glycemic controls
  • check-mark-1Combats food cravings
Tirzepatide treatment at Denton Family Practice Clinic.

An FDA-approved antidiabetic medication that has shown promising results in weight loss even with people without diabetes.

  • check-mark-1Improves blood sugar control
  • check-mark-1Decreases blood glucose levels
  • check-mark-1Slowing stomach emptying
  • check-mark-1Suppresses appetite
Phentermine therapy at Denton Family Practice Clinic.

Phentermine is a medication prescribed for chronic weight management to individuals with overweight and weight-related complications or obesity without burning fat or affecting metabolism.

  • check-mark-1Makes individual feel full sooner
  • check-mark-1Lessen calorie intake
  • check-mark-1Allows people to feel more control on their appetite and food cravings
Phentermine + Topiramate therapy at Denton Family Practice Clinic.
Phentermine + Topiramate

It contains a combination of two drugs, Phentermine and Topiramate, that work together to reduce appetite and increase feelings of fullness.

  • check-mark-1Reduces appetite
  • check-mark-1Increases feelings of fullness
  • check-mark-1Reduces calorie intake
  • check-mark-1Increases energy expenditure