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What Are The Benefits Of Peptide Therapy?

Peptides are small chains of amino acids that occur naturally in the body. As such, they form the building blocks of proteins. Specifically, peptides are there to augment and encourage specific functions throughout your body. There are hundreds of these peptides in your body, and Peptide Therapy helps to replace the ones you lose as you age. 

When your body has high levels of peptides, it can lead to the following benefits: 

    • Improvements in lean muscle growth
    • Increased collagen production for healthier skin
    • Faster recovery time after exercise
    • More energy 
    • Better muscle endurance
    • A vastly stronger libido
    • Improved wound healing
    • A more robust immune system 
    • Better hormone regulation
    • Increased levels of HGH production
    • A reduction in body fat

The exact benefits you receive may change depending on the peptides used during your Peptide Therapy. 

Many exist, but the most commonly used are: 

    • Ipamorelin
    • Sermorelin
    • CJC 1295
    • BPC-157
    • Others (AOD9604, MOTS-c, Tesamorelin, etc.)
Peptide Therapy for Men and Women. Benefits of Peptide Therapy

What Are The Benefits Of HGH?

With Peptide Therapy options provided at Denton Family Practice Clinic, improvement of the HGH is the key part.- and it’s one of the main reasons people choose to undergo it. Human Growth Hormone is such a critical hormone in your body as it plays many roles. Primarily, we know it for its ability to help you maintain lean body mass and burn more fat. It’s also responsible for helping us grow up bigger and stronger when we’re kids – which is why HGH production slows down as you age. 

When you increase HGH production, you can benefit from the following: 

    • Better fat burning
    • Leaner muscles
    • An improved cardiovascular system
    • Better cognitive function
    • Improvements in your memory
    • Improvements in your sleep

What’s more, an additional benefit of Peptide Therapy is that it naturally improves HGH production. This differs from other therapies that look to directly replace HGH. 

As a non-Human Growth Hormone therapy, Peptide Therapy only boosts peptide production, which will stimulate your body to make more HGH. 

Thus, you get more long-lasting results and benefits, compared to other HGH therapies out there.

Who Will Benefit From Peptide Therapy?

Truthfully, the majority of the population will benefit from this treatment. Why? Because peptides are so crucial and can provide loads of key health benefits. Having said that, this therapy is primarily targeted at anyone with the following complaints: 

    • Regular aches and pains
    • Showcasing the common signs of aging
    • Experiencing chronic inflammation
    • Low levels of HGH
    • Issues with weight management
    • Problems with mental health – anxiety & depression
    • A low libido
    • Insomnia & other sleep disorders

That last one is important as you may suffer from some of the previous complaints as a result of an HGH deficiency.

Peptide Therapy can boost HGH, reversing your deficiency and solving many of the problems throughout your body.

How do I know that I am Deficient in HGH?

It’s simple, look for the following symptoms: 

    • Constant anxiety & depression
    • A lack of muscle strength & mass
    • A lack of sexual desire
    • Low energy levels
    • High levels of triglyceride
    • Issues concentrating
    • Excess fat around your abdominal area

If you have a few of these symptoms, it could be a sign that you lack HGH. It’s always advised to get a blood test from a trained physician to confirm your suspicions. 

If you do have a deficiency, Peptide Therapy for Weight Loss is one of the best ways to tackle it. 

Peptide Therapy is typically performed on a cycle. You receive an injection five days a week, with two days off. This continues for 3 months until you have a break for one month to prevent your body from developing a resistance to HGH.

Consequently, this allows you to see the benefits of Peptide Therapy monthly. Most patients will enjoy the following: 

    • Month 1: Improved sleep and energy
    • Month 2: Improved strength, muscle tone, and healthier skin
    • Month 3: Improved mental function & sex drive
    • Month 4: Improved weight loss, more muscle mass gains, and extra skin elasticity
    • Month 5: Improved hair & skin
    • Month 6: Improved overall body composition – a reduction in body fat, an increase in muscle mass, and improved vitality

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